Other Works

Turn out areas and track systems

Our systems range from a simple fenced off turn out area, to provide horses with limited exercise. Alternatively we can provide a bespoke fully functional track system with an all-weather surface, which incorporates, water trough, shelter and feeding facilities etc’. We believe horses benefit enormously from the latter system allowing them to continually exercise.

Water troughs

Installing the water supply and water trough is the second most important part of a paddock after fencing. A trough can be ideally incorporated into the fence line if required.

Stable bases

Concrete bases can be laid in preparation for clients to receive their own stables.

Wash bays and solariums

We construct suitable wash bays and solariums then arrange for a qualified electrician to complete the job. Just the thing to clean your horse after cross country riding/hunting etc’.

Muck Bays

Designed to keep your yard tidy and to enable the muck to be collected for your disposal

Groundwork and Site clearance

We have the necessary equipment to deliver all types groundwork associated with horse facilities:

  • Laying any type of surface for your stables yard and road.
  • Drainage from a single drain across your paddock to a more complex drainage system.
  • Site clearance from unwanted materials to overgrown brambles and brash in paddocks.
  • Landscaping projects levelling ground and reseeding.

Invasive weeds

Professionally qualified operator within our team to deal with invasive weeds should you have the misfortune to have them on your land.