Functional and attractive Horse Fencing

Fencing is a major capital investment that should be carefully planned before construction… we are here to make that planning easier.

Equine fencing should be both functional and attractive, it needs to be capable of keeping animals safe and secure in their fields. We are specialists in erecting fencing for all types of horses and ponies; from Shetlands to Shires, including stallions, mares and foals.

We recommend pressure treated, creosoted timber for equestrian fencing. This is because it offers a desired life span of 30 years – the longest possible service life – worth the additional bonus of being anti-chew. An alternative is green timber which has a desired life span of 15-30 years dependent on the specification required. Our main supplier of creosoted and green pressure treated timber is Calders and Grandidge.

Our preferred manufacturer of wire fencing if Tornado, XFence and Keepsafe.

The correct fence and design are vitally important to take into consideration the type of horse, their management and ease of access for machinery to service and maintain paddocks.

Here are some of the fence styles we can offer:

Horse Fencing (Studnetting)


This fence has smaller spacings and is made with high tensile wire, which is specifically designed for the safety and strength to keep horses safe. It is to be used with an electric line wire at the top and comes in a variety of heights from 90cm through to 1.8m. The smaller height is perfectly suited as a safer alternative for horned sheep and lambs, as opposed to the traditional stock wire, whilst the taller specification is fantastic for stallions, dogs and deer.

Horse Fencing (Keepsafe)


This is another great option for wire, consisting of a durable and protective weave which creates a diamond pattern. This unique diamond pattern is small holed to prevent hooves getting caught and creates a smooth, springy fence which reduces injury and snagging when the horses get into contact with it.

Horse Fencing (Post and Rail)

Post and Rail

By far, the most aesthetically pleasing fence, post and rail completes any equestrian setting. With a minimum of 3 rails suggested for horses, extra rails can be added to suit your needs i.e. sheep/lambs. Studnetting can also be added for that extra security.

Horse Fencing (Newmarket)


This is the strongest fence and combines the strength of a Studnetting or Keepsafe fence, with the security of either one or two sight boards along the top. The sight boards are heavy-duty, which eliminates the need for electric and really defines the fence line.

Horse Fencing (Other Fencing)

Other Fencing

There are many other fencing types available for your horses and ponies, including Clipex, Horserail, Hotcote and various electric fence solutions.

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